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10 JavaScript frameworks to improve your mobile development

Issues of cross-browser compatibility, screen resolution and inconsistent HTML and CSS code are things of the past in mobile development. Developers who are still grappling with these issues are far behind the times and need to learn a few new tricks.

Mobile developers today are widening the scope of their expertise; they are not only solving these issues but are developing mobile websites that have impressive layouts, are touch-friendly and are based on frameworks that work flawlessly on smartphones and tablets.

More and more businesses are confidently developing mobile versions of their websites as well as launching apps that help them market their products and services successfully, and JavaScript has been the main reason for the mobile development upsurge.

Generally, JavaScript has made it easy to use touchscreen devices. With it, we can enable websites to respond to finger gestures such as tap, scroll and zoom. JavaScript has not only resolved cross-browser compatibility issues but has made it easy to develop cross-platform websites, which increases the number of users.

Most JavaScript frameworks are lightweight, which makes web browsing fast without compromising the look of a website. Mobile websites increasingly use HTML5 and CSS3, adhering to the W3C specifications—which are another boon to JavaScript frameworks.

jQuery Mobile

If there is a JavaScript framework that every mobile developer would vouch for, it is jQuery Mobile. Like its desktop equivalent, jQuery Mobile has a widget library that converts semantic markup into a gesture-friendly format, making operations easy on touchscreens. The HTML5 mobile framework also allows developers to build cross-platform websites and apps.

jQuery Mobile has a lightweight code base that packs a punch with a lot of graphical elements. Developers can easily integrate switchers and sliders. The progressive enhancements and the designs that can easily be made into themes make it extremely developer-friendly.

The latest is a beta version with lots of scope for improvement.

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The M Project

The M Project is an easy-to-use JavaScript framework that efficiently incorporates the advanced features of HTML5.

With its model-view-controller (MVC) architecture, The M Project is popular among mobile developers for several reasons. The open source module, which is based on MVC, allows developers to isolate the data from the business logic. Moreover, the JavaScript framework supports multiple devices, making it easy to develop apps and websites that for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Recently, The M Project collaborated with Panacoda, which helped the framework expand its enhancements and features.

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Appcelerator Titanium

If you are looking for a JavaScript framework that seamlessly combines the flexibility of open source with the powers of cloud computing, then you’re looking for Appcelerator Titanium. It’s a next-generation mobile platform that can be used to develop apps for Apple and Android.

Your existing knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming will come in handy while using Appcelerator Titanium, which is its biggest advantage. You can use Appcelerator Titanium to build table views, switches, tabs and popovers. It also enables easy integration with mobile devices’ cameras and files stored on the devices. Moreover, if you want to avoid learning Objective-C and Android SDK, Appcelerator Titanium offers several helpful tips.

The community support for Appcelerator Titanium is strong, and you can find help in several forums where mobile developers continuously work on the framework.

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Sajid Raja

Author: Sajid Raja

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